How to organize a cultural activity


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Step 2 - Coordinate with the Cultural Activities Programme

Once an activity has been approved by the CAC, the Cultural Activities Programme can formally begin to coordinate the activity with each respective Permanent Mission or International Organization. The main steps are outlined below (with other tasks also arising, depending on the nature of the activity).

  1. Finalize the dates and specific location of the activity, as well as the date and time of the opening ceremony (if relevant to the activity). 
  2. Communicate via formal letter to the Director-General of UNOG the details of the cultural activity. Please see here a template for this letter. 
  3. Meet with and work with the Cultural Activities team (Coordinators and technician) to decide upon all administrative, logistical and technical requirements. This includes:
  • Establishing a floor plan and technical parameters for the activity. Please see here for floor plans of the locations where cultural activities take place. 
  • Verifying the logistical responsibilities of each partner (requesting entity and UNOG), including for materials and technical tasks 
  • Confirming whether any external providers will be used by the Requesting Entity (such as sound and lighting providers) 
  • Confirming the dates and times of the installation and de-installation for the activity 
  • Confirming all information needed by UNOG Security, including all people and vehicles that require access to the Palais for the activity 
  • Finalizing communications and publicity materials, including posters and leaflets 
  • Confirming the speakers for the opening ceremony, in line with the UNOG Policy for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. The Director-General of UNOG, or his Officer-in-Charge, will endeavour to be present at each cultural activity, schedule permitting. 
  • Confirm the holding of a reception at the opening ceremony, if applicable, and catering needs. If the catering company at UNOG will be employed (Eldora), the Mission/International Organization must ensure the booking is made as soon as possible to reserve the necessary date and time. For more information on Eldora, please consult at: 

    Eldora SA, Restaurants de l'ONU, Palais des Nations, Avenue de la Paix 8-14. CH - 1211 Genève 10.  T: +41 22 917 56 19. F: +41 22 917 01 02. Email: Website: /

  • Confirm the scenario or programme for the activity, including any particular schedules for the opening ceremony or concert. 
  • Ensure all invitees and attendees of the activity have registered via the UNOG online system INDICO, to attend the event. 
  • Ensure both parties are in agreement concerning the cost estimates for the activity. Please note that the costs for an activity vary, depending on the nature of the event, the services required, and the timing.