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Jan/26 14:30 - Jan/26 16:00

Come and join us for this facilitated workshop on creating virtual Kanban boards and how teams can best utilise the Kanban method for their collaborative work. 


Files for download: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022 - 14:30 to 16:00
  • Develop deeper understanding of the ways of working related to Kanban boards that will optimize its value for teams, both for those who have experience with using Kanban boards, as well as those who have none 
  • Strategize how to integrate these ways of working into your day-to-day  


As we begin 2022, come discover Kanban boards, a tool and mindset towards project management rooted in modern agile methodology that helps teams foster transparent communication and healthy boundaries.  

Irene Laochaisri, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at InsightPact, has worked extensively with UN teams globally to equip them with the resources and mindset needed to integrate more agility and openness in how teams collaborate. In this session, she will walk you through how you can use it to support your team’s work. This session is in collaboration with #NewWork.